I love having my car clean; but I really feel a great pity to see all the litres of water I waste washing it in the traditional way. Since I switched to Dr Bubbles’ products and services, I did not feel sorry for washing my car anymore.

John Oliver

I am a busy man. I spend a lot of time in my office and with clients. I do not have time to wash my car, but it must always look impeccable, like me, to give the best impression. Since I got the solution with Dr Bubbles I said goodbye to the ranks and bad service in the car washes.

Ayman Fikry

Keeping the car clean is an impossible mission when you have three children. They put their muddy shoes everywhere. They always find a way to scratch the inside of the car and not to mention where they leave their greasy hands. Also there are ‘bullet marks’ in the car when they play soccer brist Read more

Brenda Thomas

As a protector of the environment, I refuse to visit the self-washes. I do not agree with wasting water or the chemicals they use to clean cars. In the past, I cleaned my pussy with a bucket of water and an environmentally respectful soap , but frankly it was a difficult process. I saved lots of wat Read more

Omar Mendieta