We want you to know everything about our products. That's why we answer all your questions and concerns:

Is it 100% true that Dr. Bubbles’ products don’t require water?

Yes, it’s correct.

The big difference between Dr. Bubbles’ products and other traditional shampoos, is that we do not use the same washing method.

Our products are specially made so that when used they do not require a single drop of water. Neither in their application nor later when removing them.

By using our products, you will be saving thousands of liters of water per year and you will also avoid contaminating it.

If Dr. Bubbles’ products do not use water, how do they remove dirt?

Thanks to our nanotechnology formula, when applied with a special microfibre cloth, the ecological cleaning products will be able to remove any particle of dirt found on or in the car.

When applied to any surface of the car, the products act intelligently and immediately disintegrate and/or decompose the dirt.

No matter what types of dirt, our products eliminate them completely.

How is it that Dr. Bubbles’ products are not harmful to the environment?

We work with innovative nanotechnology, which does not require oil, solvents, bleach, or other substances in its formula. So when making contact with the ground there is no pollution.

Also, by not coming into contact with water there is no spread of chemicals into the environment or penetration into the soil.

How do Dr. Bubbles’ products avoid polluting the planet?

By not working with water, when cleaning is completed there are no residues that can evaporate, neither soap nor foam that will eventually reach the wastewater and generate environmental pollution.

Are the products offered by Dr. Bubbles as efficient as the traditional ones?

They are better!

Cleaning nanotechnology allows us to do a better job of washing, polishing and protecting, compared to traditional washing.

With the addition that we protect the environment in the process.

What is the advantage of washing my car using Dr. Bubbles’ special products?

Our products are unique in that they disintegrate the dirt on any surface, resulting in much easier cleaning. When the dirt is completely decomposed, it only requires removing it with a microfibre cloth.

You can rest assured that when cleaning the car, there will be no scratches or scratches due to excess dust or particles. The dirt dissolves and becomes trapped in the nano-cleaning particles. This facility is unmatched.

With the wide range of products that Dr. Bubbles offers you will have: tranquillity, safety, an absolutely clean and shiny car inside and out, and of course, you will be collaborating directly with the planet to save water, the vital substance for life.

Are these products only used to remove the dirt?

Our high-tech ecological products are also polishes; creating an almost instant shine on any surface of the car.

In addition, they add a layer of protective anti-dust wax.

Not only do they clean, they make it harder for the car to get dirty again.

Your car will basically be immune to dirt from rural roads, dust particles that accumulate during traffic and all those external factors that create dirt.

Are the products they offer only for the exterior of the car?

You can use them on absolutely the entire vehicle!

Our green products are for both the interior and exterior of the car and in all climates. That is, they work the same in humid environments and hot climates, although it is convenient when cleaning to avoid direct sunlight.

Within the range of products, you will find ecological waterless cleaners specialized according to a specific type of surface.

For what kinds of vehicles are the products designed?

All vehicles can enjoy our organic products, it does not matter if you have a small motorcycle, a family car, a large truck, or a bicycle.

We focus on designing quality products for every type of vehicle.

The nano-cleaning elements take care of all paintwork and any surface. There is no risk of damaging the paint or harming the interior of the car.

Why is choosing Dr. Bubbles’ products the best option?

Apart from offering high-quality products and futuristic technology, we also take care of the environment avoiding using any type of contaminating chemicals that are dangerous for our planet.

In addition, the nano cleaners facilitate the process of taking care of your car by making it more durable.

Dr. Bubbles conserves thousands of liters of water, both in the manufacture of the products and in their application.
The products not only clean but also protect and polish, so they have triple cleaning action for your car. All for the same price.

Are you a friend of the environment?

Do you want to save money and have a quality clean?

Do you not want to waste an entire morning or an afternoon washing your car?

If so, then our products and services are for you.

We hope we have answered all your questions about our products.

If you have any other concerns use the “Contact Us” section, and we will attentively serve you.