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Do you enjoy leaving your car gleaming when you clean it?

Would you like to be part of a team of dynamic independent professionals who are always constantly learning?

Become an independent professional with work flexibly which is close to your home. Download our app and start making money now. Join the team of Dr Bubbles assistants!

How does it work?

The Dr Bubbles app allows customers to locate closer to home, green cleaning professionals.

The client will initiate a service request. If you are near, you will receive a request in your mobile app, and if you accept it, you will provide the service. In other words—if the client, after seeing your profile, considers that you are the right person and makes the payment in advance for your services, then you can drive to their home to clean their vehicle.

Providing the service with our cleaning products is very easy. You just have to get to the address of the client who has requested the service and start cleaning. Dr Bubbles’ products will do the rest.

You are only responsible for providing an excellent service and with the best disposition, since you will be appraised at the end of it. As an independent professional you are solely responsible for the quality of your services. But keep in mind that the best qualified assistants will have greater opportunities to obtain more services from other clients.

You do not have to worry about contact with the products. They have been developed and tested so that their use does not cause any kind of skin damage.

What are you waiting for? Join the team of the best professionals in ecological vehicle cleaning.