Company info

We are a leading company in the world of ecological cleaning products for vehicles.

Dr. Bubbles’ products do not require the use of water as they are manufactured with the most advanced technology. These innovative products provide a perfect finish and protection against everything that threatens the surface of your car.

We promote advanced, high-quality products for cleaning, polishing, and protection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

All this is always done with a great awareness towards protecting the environment. Because we care about the planet, our cleaning products are “eco-friendly”:

    • Water is not used with their application, nor is rinsing necessary.
    • Also, there is no need for any electrical devices.
    • Dr. Bubbles’ products are free of chemicals harmful to the environment.

To clean your vehicle you should only spray a small-quantity of our nanotechnology products and clean with a microfibre cloth. It’s that easy and fast!

Always Available

Clean your car whenever you want! Through our app you can book the cleaning of your vehicle using our eco-friendly products. We have specialists who will wash your vehicle for you.

Qualified Agents

Enjoy the benefits of nanotechnology washing without water by a qualified expert applying these unique products.

Fair Prices

Clean, polish, and protect your vehicle while taking care of the environment. Pay less than using shampoos and other traditional products, which also need litres of water to be effective. You will not consume electricity either while using our products!

Best Offers

We always offer products with discounts because we want to change the traditional washing models. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest offers. Cleaners, products for polishing, and microfibre cloths are regularly on sale. Save money with our products and also help take care of the environment!

Why Dr Bubbles?

Water is the most valuable natural resource and also the one at the highest risk. Therefore, we decided to be responsible and offer products that take care of cars and also the planet. Thus, future generations will also have a beautiful place to live and they will be able to clean their cars, being sure that having an impeccable car is possible without damaging the environment. The nano-cleaning technology is the secret behind Dr Bubbles' products. It is this innovation that allows us to do without water and produce products that clean, repair, polish, and do not emit harmful chemicals, or need rinsing. We offer the most ecological and effective solution for car care. Washing the car without consuming water is not a myth! Dr Bubbles makes it possible.