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About the Company
We are leaders in the sale of ecological car wash products for which you do not need to use water. Our innovative range of car cleaning products provides protection and a perfect finish for automotive cleaning and detailing. Our success lies in the quality of our products, because we deliver the latest technology to offer advanced cleaning, polishing, and protection solutions, without the need for water!

We provide
  • Innovative solutions for cleaning all exterior surfaces of the vehicle.
  • A high-tech, intelligent, and ecological formula that eliminates dirt; ensuring that surfaces are clean and bright.
  • Fast working and easy to use products, for both interior and exterior surfaces,which guarantee a visible change in your vehicle in just a few minutes!
  • An ecological and completely biodegradable formulation, without aggressive detergents or abrasive chemicals
  • Your ally to eliminate substances and dirt embedded even in the most diffi-cult areas.

Best ecological product for the maintenance of your car

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