How does DermaWand promote skin rejuvenation?

DermaWand utilizes the combined radio frequency effects of thermal energy, stimulation and oxygenation. Creams and lotions alone simply can’t deliver the facial rejuvenation of DermaWand.
Can I use DermaWand on my body, like my neck or arms or tummy?
You can use DermaWand on all parts of your body: face, neck, arms, legs, chest.

Will DermaWand help reduce the appearance of pore size?

Yes, your pore size will appear visibly reduced. DermaWand can help clean build-up of debris in skin pores, reducing the pitted appearance.

How often should I use my DermaWand?

You only need to use your DermaWand for at least three minutes every morning and evening.
If you desire, you can spend a little more time to perform the various exercises contained in the DVD and instruction booklet – but this is not necessary to achieve results.

Should I use a moisturizer or cream with my DermaWand?

Yes, for the best results you should always apply the Pre-Face or any good quality moisturizer or cream to your skin first. This allows DermaWand to glide smoothly over your skin without pulling or tugging.