When you decide to build a wooden house in Italy, or if you are thinking of buying and renovating an old barn to create your own home for the holidays, the most important thing is to rely immediately on a construction company that is serious, reliable, experienced and that is customer-oriented.

There are many construction companies in Veneto, Italy region that deal with this type of construction, and it is not easy to choose the right one. With LegnoHome, however, you are always safe and our staff has experience in the timber industry that sometimes lasts for generations; but the most important thing for us is that the customer is everything: transparency and communication are keys.

Whether you’re looking for the best wooden house in Italy or you’re looking for someone who can follow the entire renovation of your barn that is, maybe, recognized as an environmental or cultural heritage, LegnoHome is always the best choice because you will always find a company that puts your interests first.

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